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Kingston 6 Seater Modular

Kingston 6 Seater Modular


Cover/Finish: 100% Cow Hide Leather

Dimensions: 323 x 281(L) x 105(D) x 105(H)

Colours: Cream ONLY

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Kingston 6 Seater Modular with Centre Seat Recliner + 2 Drop Down Tables + Drink/Storage Console + Reclining Ends pictured

The Kingston has an extra high back and sprung seating. Less or additional seats and drink consoles can be added to make a customized configuration suited to your room size. Upholstered in 100% Cow Hide Leather.

We welcome all enquiries. Please feel free to contact us if you would like further details on a particular sofa or information on our range of suites.



6 Seater Modular 323 x 281(L) x 105(D) x 105(H)
1 seat no arms recliner 70(L) x 105(D) x 105(H)
1 seat drop down table 56(L)x 105(D) x 105(H)
1 seat large size 56(L)x 105(D) x 105(H)
1 seat small size 50(L)x 105(D) x 105(H)
Drinks/Storage Console 28(L)x 105(D) x 105(H)

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